Traveling During a Pandemic- Our 20 hour Road Trip to Destin, Florida

Keep traveling and be safe, don’t lose out on the best years of your life. Covid-19 has definitely affected all of us in many different ways. My sister was set to get married in Banff, Canada on June 20th! Borders were closed and they were forced to either reschedule or lose all of the money they put down for their big day. Being bummed and quarantined we decided to try and plan a safe trip to take our minds off of it. After a lot of research and fun travel discussions, we booked a house in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. About thirty minutes from Destin, Florida.

We were all very good at social distancing and keeping to ourselves but as you all know you can only isolate for so long. We took this into consideration while planning our trip as none of us wanted to put any of our families at risk. We decided to book during the week so we would feel at ease with fewer people around the beach and also around the home. Having a two-month-old along with having a few at-risk travelers we couldn’t be too careful. We headed down Friday morning to my uncles in Missouri to spend a day on the farm. As we traveled from Minnesota we took quite a few precautions to keep us safe! Entering and exiting gas stations only one would touch the door handle lightly, then sanitize after. It was an odd and eerie thing to begin with but we got used to it. 

We made it down to Missouri and wow was it nice to get out of the car and see family. We spent the day with family and getting fresh danishes from the old world Mennonites. Sunday we carried on and had our final 12-hour              stretch down to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. We got to our VRBO on Sunday around 4:00. We pulled in and immediately were excited. We decided to be safe and wipe down the house with sanitizing wipes in places that we know were highly used. Light switches, door handles, tops of chairs, handrails, and anything else we thought could potentially be contaminated. After that we could put ourselves at ease and enjoy the week. 

We purchased food so we could stay in and cook our meals and man were they delicious. Our VRBO had a golf cart and big pool so we could stay busy the majority of the time in our fun little home. The house had three patios where we could sit at night and watch the sun set. We were able to scope out the beach and find a fun little spot to enjoy. SRB has AMAZING sand. We had been to Destin before and loved it so finding a spot like destin but a different atmosphere was refreshing.The water was so blue and the waves were perfect to wade in and also jump at times. Definitely perfect for families with small kids wanting that ocean experience or folks looking to relax in the water! We brought Atlee down to the beach with us. Having an umbrella, Fisher Price on the go baby dome, and a rechargeable fan we bought from Amazon made life a lot easier with a baby on a beach.

Blue Mountain Beach Creamery was a block from our home and had the best Ice cream I have ever had. We pretty much devoured that every night after supper! We also wanted fresh seafood one afternoon so we headed to the local catch. We had their seafood platter and it was a perfect portion for two people. Our plate was filled with crab fingers, fish, fresh shrimp, fries and oysters. We definitely got our fix!

Tuesday we had rented a Tiki Bar to float to Crab Island but as we boarded we were rained out. We then had to quickly come up with new ideas on how to get to crab island so we rented a pontoon for Wednesday. This was a blast!!! We went down to the Pier in the morning and boarded the pontoon to head to the island. There were floating restaurants, little boats roaming around selling ice cream, and people were just having so much fun. This was by far my favorite experience (I guess it was my only excursion) but I would definitely recommend going to crab island if you are near the Destin area.

Friday morning we left bright and early to head ½ way back and made it to Missouri around 4ish to enjoy pizzas and drinks with the family. Saturday we made it home around 3:00 PM and wow did it feel so good to relax. I can not wait to share with you all my favorite travel items, clothing, and tips with you! 

We learned on the trip that traveling during a pandemic can be stressful & scary but if you take the right precautions you can stay safe. Don’t stop living your life just learn how to live differently!



  1. What a fun trip! We put it together in no time and it turned out to be one of my favorites 😄 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow great story, keep them coming!

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