The Palmer House- It’s Haunted!

A friend of mine has always wanted to stay the Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre MN because it is allegedly haunted.  You have to make reservations early in the year because they fill up fast for the fall season.

We went up there in October of last year and spent the night.  We ask the staff to tell us about the ghosts that have been seen at the hotel and they had lots of stories to tell. They know which rooms have the most ghost sightings and the history behind the ghost. Later that evening, we took an optional tour the hotel had available for guests.  We went to the basement of the hotel where they gave us equipment that can sense paranormal activity.  I did not sense any activity but several people did. Throughout the tour they told ghost stories.

We then went upstairs, had supper and enjoyed the rest of the evening in the cozy pub at the hotel.

If you get a chance to spend some time at this unique and historic hotel make sure you call ahead and ask to reserve a room that has ghost activity…if you dare!


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