Atlee Wenz

The newest adventure for me has been being an aunt to this beautiful little girl! Her name is Atlee Wenz and she lights up my world in every way. So many crazy & stressful things are happening right now and some how holding her makes everything better. Every day is a new adventure as we navigate how to keep her safe and healthy. I have been taking this quarantine time very seriously, the thought of giving anything to her crushes me.. I never thought a little human could have so much impact on my life and mean so much to me. I have been giving up a lot of things and it is honestly worth every minute of it just to see her little smile when I tickle her chubby cheeks.  Life is all about the choices you make and I know how my choices can affect little Atlee and others at a time like this. I hope everyone considers their loved ones and others when making decisions. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy 😊



  1. Love this and you guys!! Atlee is so dang lucky to have you as an auntie. She sure gets spoiled by the best!

  2. Thank you for sharing!

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