About Us

Our mission is to assist you in creating the ultimate travel experience. Rec IT Adventures connects explorers with places to see and activities to do in the United States. We are also a great platform for small business owners to get their business noticed by thousands of explorers. Nothing is quite like our website!

We wanted to bring the local experience to everyone by letting the people create and maintain listings, share personal adventures, and ultimately create an atmosphere for explorers to make lifelong connections and build memories. As a traveler within our site you are able to create a profile, follow others, post your personal travel stories, share videos, create a listing/page, search for listings, create travel groups and much more!

As a business owner, you are able to create a business page/listing, advertise to explorers, build your reviews and much more! Advertising your business on Rec IT Adventures will benefit you in many ways. Our site is a niche site built for small businesses and unique attractions where everyone is passionate about exploring this wonderful earth we live on. Adventurists will be doing the advertising for you by tagging your business in their posts, reviewing their experience and having explorers communicate with you on your strengths and weaknesses which ultimately makes you a better business in the end.  

Rec IT Adventures is passionate about helping you create a central hub for all of your travel wishes and having the ultimate travel experience!

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